Welcome to the myMeditation® 

myMeditation is an iPhone and iPad app that allows you to design your own meditation experience. Whether you are a new, novice or veteran practitioner, myMeditation is a great companion to hone your personalized routine.

Pranayama is a Sanskrit term to describe guided breath exercise. myMeditation produces a gentle sound pattern to pace your breathing. You are at liberty to adjust the duration of your breath - inhaling and exhaling – as well as your silent meditation period. Meditation sessions can be set between one minute and one hour long to accommodate your busy schedule.

Upload background images and soundtracks to accompany you, or choose from our peaceful collection. However you prefer to meditate, myMeditation will conveniently and comfortably suit your taste.

Your purchase of this app will support non-profit organizations! This is the first app brought to you by BLT Helps, and 100% of proceeds will fund design and training for charitable organizations in need.


Now Available for iPad, iPhone and iTouch

Click Here to Purchase myMeditation® for the iPhone or iTouch
Click Here to Purchase myMeditation® for the iPad