Q: How can I customize my session to get the fullest experience out of the app?
A: You can customize a personal experience that focuses on your tastes and needs. In the settings menu, you may adjust Setup Time, Session Length, Breathing Pattern, Starting Sound, and even the application’s background, so you can create a peaceful and personal meditating experience.

Q: How long or short can I adjust my session to be?
A: Your session can be adjusted anywhere between a minute and an hour long. We know you’re busy, so we’re happy to offer an experience that is flexible.

Q: I'm completely new to meditation and am not sure how I should set up my session, what are my options?
A: Explore the different settings to find what’s right for you. Beginner Mode is also available, which is a relaxing session appropriate for all experience levels.

Q: What are the positive effects of meditation?
A: Meditation will slow your heart rate and allow for deep relaxation. It can reduce anxiety, enhance creativity, and positively contribute to your overall wellbeing.

Q: Will meditation work for me?
A: It will work if you stick with it; meditation takes practice.

Q: What is BLT Helps?
A: BLT Helps is a 501(c)(3) company dedicated to providing design services for other non-profits and community organizations. We also train artists and other professionals for careers in public service. This is the first app created by BLT Helps, and all profits will go directly to our non-profit programs and associate training. Please see for more information.

Q: There are other meditation apps available, why should I choose myMeditation?
A: states:

“There are now a myriad of apps for relaxation, visualization and meditation. In 2010 the Mayo Clinic put their best foot forward with an app, but after sifting through user reviews and countless blogs MyMeditation seems to have bubbled to the surface as one of the best. ”

There are now a myriad of apps for relaxation, visualization and meditation. However, myMeditation has earned a remarkable reputation that is reflected in user feedback and countless blog reviews.

Our app may be customized to fit any tradition or style, which makes it a convenient and versatile meditation buddy. myMeditation can be your roadmap to a fresh and healthy lifestyle practice.

Q: What is Pranayama and what effect does it have on meditation?

A: Prana = life Yama = Force.

Pranayama is a Sanskrit word used to describe methods to control the breath. Breathing directly affects meditation. Some yoga traditions believe that perfect yogic breath lasts one minute each breath cycle: 20 seconds each to inhale, hold, and exhale the breath.The benefits of controlled breathing are a slower heart rate, increased lung capacity, and stronger meditational focus. myMeditation keeps the pace of your session like a metronome paces a musician. 

Q: I'm already a regular practitioner of meditations, what can myMeditation offer me?
A: Along with encouraging your regular practice, myMeditation can set the pace of your session’s pranayama, so you can focus on the exercise and be free of counting or otherwise timing yourself. 

Q: If I receive a phone call or text message while the session is in progress, will the session stop?
A: No. Your session will not pause. 

Q: What is the "Journal" function?
A: On the iPad, the journal function allows you to record your thoughts and observations after each session. You may want to try this if you are interested in a forty-day meditation.

Q: Can I customize or record the music and breathing sound that are played during the session?
A: Yes. You can play your own soundtrack during the session.

Q: Are there any differences between the iPhone and iPad versions?
A: Differences are detailed on the Features comparison page.

Q: Can I sync my settings and journal so they're the same on both my iPhone and iPad?

A: The iPhone version does not currently include the journal feature.