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How myMeditation can help ease the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis through breath work.

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Spotlight on myMeditation and why it stands out amongst other meditation apps.

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How myMeditation can relax you and brighten your mood

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How myMeditation is a great tool for much needed relaxation and stress relief.

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How myMeditation can help you achieve a meditative state in as little as 3 minutes
Also highlights customizable features

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A spotlight on myMeditations unique use of Pranayama (breathing techniques)

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A video and review showing myMeditations fully customizable features


Great choice
App demystifies meditation and guides a novice like myself. My practice is improving with this straightforward guide. Very pleased.

Breath Work CD
Please put this sound through ITunes. Mp3(4) format would be wonderful!

Simply the best meditation app available
I've checked out a number of meditation app, this one is way better than the rest. It gives you the tool to help you go deep in your meditation as well, instead of just focusing on tracking time / quantity only. Also, it is highly customizable to suit your taste. And it seems like they have added the ability to set how long you want the gap between exhaling and inhaling to be. I was thinking about an app just like this one and here it is. The only thing I would change is the icon showing when you are browsing in the app store.

I love this app. I use it all the time. For someone who always found a reason not to meditate, it has given me a simple and comfortable way to stay focused and consistent with my practice. It's easy to set up the preferences and easier still to use once everything is set up. I would recommend it to anyone at any level of experience.

Love It!!
Before I tried out this app, I had only a cursory understanding of meditation and had never even ^heard^ of Pranayama. I tried to meditate here and there over the years, but I never really got into it. Now I see how starting my session off with a period of mindful deep breathing really creates the calm space needed to relax and clean the slate. The breathwork alone is rejuvenative! I love how you can customize it, too. The longer i've been using the app, the deeper I can go with my breathwork, so it's cool that it's so modular. I also like that you can choose your own picture for the background photo instead of having to stick with one of the more iconic images it comes with. They're all beautiful pictures, but it's nice getting to use something personally significant to me. And the "Om Shanti Shanti" that you can use as a closing sound is really beautiful! I suggest reading the instructions in full before using it - helps you get a grasp on the whole breathwork part. Highly Recommend this app!!

Great Aid to Meditate...
Very well thought out, nice attention to detail and highly configurable. I've never had a single problem with it, and I like how I can tailor every aspect of my meditation to my own personal needs.

I have been teaching clients meditation to deal with extreme stress they are experiencing. When I learned of this App I thought I would use it during a session to see if listening to the breathing would help clients experience it better than talk about it. The timing of the breath is so helpful, clients have been able to pace their breath with the breath they hear. It has been a success. They experience the sound of the breath as ocean waves and relax within minutes. I am watching their success happen right in front of me. Thank you for this wonderful tool. Carol

Beautiful App...
I love this app and I'm so glad I was turned on to it. I've tried other apps for my daily meditation but this new one is great. Easy to use, I love the inhale-exhale feature, and the meditation timer allows me to relax more since I don't have check on the time, it's lets me know when I'm done with the sound I choose. I can customize the background photographs too, very cool.

A Definite Keeper!...
With the first 10 minutes of using the app I knew it was going to be a keeper! I especially like the beginner mode and how it walks you through setting up for meditation. The developers thought of everything including a setting for the amount of time you need to get settled! I also enjoyed the ability to select which serene photo I wanted to use as the app background! As an entrepreneur and a busy mom of three I look forward to making time for myself to meditate each night. Thanks BLT Helps for such a wonderful app!

Very simple breathing exercise aid. Best of it's kind. I like I can adjust the breath, hold, and exhale times. The only way to make it better would be to add different music options.

Great App...
best meditation application I've purchased. Provides a good structure for my daily meditation -- includes prep time, breathing exercises, and then actual meditation time. Has good sound options to enhance the breathing exercises and start/stop the meditation session. I've been able to meditate longer and better with this application. very well done.

Amazing Way to Get Into Meditation
I haven't meditated in since I took martial arts. Mostly because it was really hard for me without guidance/cadence. This app is awesome. It automatically sets tones that sound soothing and organic to the breathing pattern of my choosing. I relax, close my eyes, and just go with the sound. Extremely relaxing. Great way to get into or back into meditation.

Great For a Newbie!...
I really didn't know much about meditation before trying this app. Not only is the app itself very easy to use, but it also helps "de-mystify" meditation for a newbie such as myself. I also love how much you can customize everything!

Works as stated when customized properly. I always use this app to meditate. Would love it if I had additional options for music or spoken meditation instead of silence.

Wonderful app! Maybe just one addition?
I practice a variety of different meditative practices and own numerous apps. myMeditation is excellent and simple to use. The beginner to advanced meditators will benefit from its simple interface. I would ask that one thing be changed or added. It is wonderful that you can set the amount of minutes to meditate. Many of us however would like the option to turn off the other words, set the time but then have the option of seeing the minutes tick away or not. Other apps have this function. I would prefer to set the time but not see the clock. As it stands, I must turn my iPhone or iPad around so I don't see the minutes tick away. If you can add that option the app will be perfect. Thank you for such a wonderful application that focuses on the breath and stilling the mind!